Vegan Weight: Losers, gainers, and maintainers

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dapheni wrote in vegan_weight
Hey all-

Just made this community in response to a discussion on cheapvegan.  I think there is a real need for a forum to discuss weight issues for vegans because weight watchers tend to dismiss a vegan lifestyle and vegans tend to be sensitive about the subject of weight.  So here is a place to let it all flow freely.

So what are your issues?  Having a hard time finding protein supplements without whey?  (Been there!!)  Pissed off because all the diet foods have animal products? (Seriously, why do tofutti slices have more than twice the calories of kraft singles??)  Having a hard time eating enough fats?  (How many avocados and walnuts can a vegan eat?!)  Let's hear it!


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